Donna and Estuardo the Toucan
Donna and Estuardo the Toucan


Hello Family, Friends, – and New Friends!


Thank you for visiting my blog about choosing a different life, a road less traveled.  My husband Scott and I took a big leap of faith by downsizing and moving to Costa Rica in late 2015 from Austin, Texas.






Career-wise, I have continuously (and sometimes unintentionally) reinvented myself, seeking opportunities to get out of my comfort zone and grow.  I have a wide range of experience and in the past have been an actor, served in the USAF and most recently was a Bikram Yoga teacher and yoga studio manager.

It has been a great journey indeed, and now I am beginning a new chapter in my life.


The main purpose of this blog is not only to document our adventures and experiences as expats in Costa Rica, but to also share my personal interests, hobbies, discoveries (mostly associated with, but not limited to, my new lifestyle!) and any tips I can pass along about moving to and living in Costa Rica.


The Costa Rican appropriated phrase PURA VIDA means “Pure Life.”  It is not only a heartfelt greeting, it’s also a lifestyle.  PURA DONNA is me, living in Costa Rica, in pursuit of my “purest” self.  I’m not sure exactly what that means, but I thought it had a nice ring to it.



Homemade Cheese Pizza
Homemade Pizza, one of my greatest culinary accomplishments



By living the Pura Vida, I have begun to live out some of my long-sought-after goals such as downsizing and decluttering, living a simpler lifestyle, growing in my faith, cooking more (actually learning HOW to cook), traveling, trying new things and exploring a new country/culture.







Not only am I a dog mama (to our ‘Merican dog Jake and our Tico dog Jack), but also (quite surprisingly and unexpectedly) a mama to a “glitter” of hummingbirds who come to our front yard all day everyday to dine at our feeders.  It’s amazing how the delightfully unexpected can happen if you just take a leap of faith and live outside of the box.



I’m not sure what will come of this endeavor, but I am looking forward to continuing to grow as a person, a writer and to keeping all interested parties updated on our new life in this beautiful country.

I sincerely hope that this blog will provide another point of view and/or some valuable information for those of you who may want to simplify your life and/or perhaps pursue the Pura Vida lifestyle.


It's pretty windy at Playa Grande, but that's what the surfers like about it. There's great waves at this beach.

Some people think we are adventurous and brave, others think we are a little crazy, and we don’t mind.  Read and judge for yourself.  Who knows, maybe you too will be inspired to take a leap, reinvent yourself and quite possibly have the adventure of a lifetime!


Pura Vida,


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