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Day to day life in Costa Rica

Expat Food Conundrums in Costa Rica Part 1 | My Hunt for Comfort Food

    Finding familiar or favorite foods can be a challenge anytime you move to another country and/or culture.  You can quickly become homesick for your favorites, especially if you do not know how to cook – that was me. As a foodie, I became depressed about food after being here for about 3 weeks. As a non-cook, I was… Read more →

Video: Our First Hummingbird Rescue

    If you don’t know by now, I LOVE MY HUMMINGBIRDS! I know that they’re not exclusive to Costa Rica, but I have never lived anywhere where I could see them on a daily basis.  I have 4 feeders on my property, and I need to get more.  These hummingbirds drink about 1/2 a gallon of nectar a day.  I… Read more →

One Year Anniversary Living in Costa Rica | How My Life Has Changed

Dear Friends, A year ago today, Scott and I packed our 9 bags and Jake, our 70 pound pointer mix, and flew from Austin, TX to Costa Rica.  We had a loose plan – get there, rent short term and see if we liked it.  We figured we would give it 3-6 months.  If we decided we wanted to live… Read more →

Using Modern Technology in Costa Rica: Top 10 Conveniences, Gadgets & Apps We Love

Imagine moving abroad and not having the modern conveniences that you love and are so dependent on in your home country, especially if you are from a “first world” country. On top of not knowing the language, how would you cope without reliable (or any) internet service, any addresses, no street signs, constant power outages or surges, no smart phone, etc.?  Well, expats… Read more →

My Every Day Expat Life in Costa Rica

  Dear Friends, After getting over the initial shock of finding out my husband and I have moved to Costa Rica, most people ask the following two questions: How do you like it there? What are you doing there? The answer to the first question is easy:  We love it here!  For obvious reasons, but if you want to know… Read more →

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