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Hotel Costa Dulce, Nicaragua | Our Adventurous and Relaxing One Night Stay

  “It’s basically a forced vacation,” one expat friend remarked, aptly stating what these border runs are (or can be – it’s what you make of it). She’s lived here in Costa Rica for five years (and has done plenty of border runs) and is a resident, so she does not have to cross the border to renew a visa anymore.  Yes, we… Read more →

One Year Anniversary Living in Costa Rica | How My Life Has Changed

Dear Friends, A year ago today, Scott and I packed our 9 bags and Jake, our 70 pound pointer mix, and flew from Austin, TX to Costa Rica.  We had a loose plan – get there, rent short term and see if we liked it.  We figured we would give it 3-6 months.  If we decided we wanted to live… Read more →

Using Modern Technology in Costa Rica: Top 10 Conveniences, Gadgets & Apps We Love

Imagine moving abroad and not having the modern conveniences that you love and are so dependent on in your home country, especially if you are from a “first world” country. On top of not knowing the language, how would you cope without reliable (or any) internet service, any addresses, no street signs, constant power outages or surges, no smart phone, etc.?  Well, expats… Read more →

The Border Less Crossed: Costa Rica to Nicaragua at Las Tablillas

  When traveling to Nicaragua from Costa Rica, most expats are more familiar with and opt for the border crossing in Guanacaste at Penas Blancas, Costa Rica.  Who can blame them?  After all, the gorgeous San Juan Del Sur beach and Lago Nicaragua is just on the other side. Penas Blancas is a much further drive for us, so we… Read more →

Baldi Hot Springs in Costa Rica: Relaxed Fun Before Our Border Run

Uh-oh, Our Visas Are About to Expire     The experience of renewing visas is a rite of passage for all expats in Costa Rica, whether they intend to become residents or not.  As a non-resident living in Costa Rica, one is required to exit the country before your visa expires (usually issued for 90 days, but make sure to… Read more →

My Recommended Plan of Action For Relocating To Costa Rica

    “Life is like playing a violin solo in public and learning the instrument as one goes on.” – Samuel Butler   Experiences and opinions can vary when it comes to the subject of relocating to Costa Rica.  My husband and I just recently moved here and we love it – after about 2 months in country we finally… Read more →

My Every Day Expat Life in Costa Rica

  Dear Friends, After getting over the initial shock of finding out my husband and I have moved to Costa Rica, most people ask the following two questions: How do you like it there? What are you doing there? The answer to the first question is easy:  We love it here!  For obvious reasons, but if you want to know… Read more →

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