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Personal letters to share a thought, experience or story.

ūüƨ Hurricane Otto Makes History As We Humbly Celebrate Thanksgiving In Costa Rica ūü¶É

Dear Friends, Reportedly¬†no hurricane has made landfall in Costa Rica in over 170 years of weather records . . . until now. ¬†We sit and wait in suspense to see what Otto’s impact and aftermath will be. ¬†No one has ever experienced a hurricane here before, so there is no point of reference. ¬†An earthquake, yes, volcanoes erupting – no… Read more →

One Year Anniversary Living in Costa Rica | How My Life Has Changed

Dear Friends, A year ago today, Scott and I packed our 9 bags and Jake, our 70 pound pointer mix, and flew from Austin, TX to Costa Rica. ¬†We had a loose plan – get there, rent short term and see if we liked it. ¬†We figured we would give it 3-6 months. ¬†If we decided we wanted to live… Read more →

My Every Day Expat Life in Costa Rica

  Dear Friends, After getting over the initial shock of finding out my husband and I have moved to Costa Rica, most people ask the following two questions: How do you like it there? What are you doing there? The answer to the first question is easy: ¬†We love it here! ¬†For obvious reasons, but if you want to know… Read more →

Hello from Costa Rica

Hello world! It may seem that we (my husband Scott and I) have fallen off the face of the Earth. ¬†I am happy to say that we have moved to Costa Rica and that I have¬†finally gotten my blog up and running. ¬†So Welcome, or as we say here, Bienvenidos! The blog site took a while because website creation, blogging… Read more →

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