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Day Tripping To Playa Jaco, Costa Rica | Recommended Stops, Things To See And Do

When my husband Scott and I moved here over a year and a half ago, we toyed with the idea of living at the beach.  It is a fantasy of most expats who choose to settle in Costa Rica, and we were no exception. After living in Costa Rica for about three months and exploring our possibilities, we decided that we… Read more →

For the Love of Wildlife: Bring Out Your Inner Child at The Jaguar Rescue Center in Costa Rica

  A while back a friend of mine on Facebook posted an article about a sloth rescue center in Costa Rica.  I checked it out and while the article itself was positive, there were some negative comments about how the animals were being exploited for tourism and not being treated or rehabilitated properly. I always take comments with a grain… Read more →

The Lovely Hotel Banana Azul in Puerto Viejo | Our Perfect Home Base for a Panama Border Run

    I love the beach. A good part of my childhood was spent on the beautiful subtropical island of Okinawa, Japan.  It is a coral reef island, and one of my favorite family pastimes was going to the pristine, crystal clear blue water and white sand beaches to snorkel, collect shells, explore the colorful sea life in the tide pools and… Read more →

Renew Your Visa: My Checklist For Planning A Border Run In Costa Rica

  We recently had a discussion with some expat friends who said that they calculated the cost of doing border runs for visa renewals and compared it to the cost of hiring a lawyer and applying for residency. What they found was applying for residency would be cheaper than trying to leave the country every 90 days to renew their… Read more →

Hotel Costa Dulce, Nicaragua | Our Adventurous and Relaxing One Night Stay

  “It’s basically a forced vacation,” one expat friend remarked, aptly stating what these border runs are (or can be – it’s what you make of it). She’s lived here in Costa Rica for five years (and has done plenty of border runs) and is a resident, so she does not have to cross the border to renew a visa anymore.  Yes, we… Read more →

Video: A Bird’s Eye View of Playa Prieta Guanacaste | Costa Rica

  My first drone footage video ever, featuring Playa Prieta in Costa Rica.  It begins with a view of Playa Penca and Potrero Bay in the distance to the south and ends with a view of Playa Prieta itself.   Playa Prieta is a quiet beach tucked away south of Playa Azucar (Sugar Beach) and north of Playa Penca and Playa… Read more →

Hosting a Family Friendly One-Week Vacation in Costa Rica

  Ah, family vacations, what great memories they can create.  I can recall many from my childhood, including a trip to Hawaii, driving cross-country to visit Disney World and Busch Gardens in Florida, and visiting family in Taiwan. I remember the delicious food, beautiful beaches, exotic animals, thrilling amusement park rides and laughing with my parents, sisters, family and good friends.  My… Read more →

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